Photo Workshops

Adventure Photo Tourism with a Heart!

  • 100% of your fee goes to our programs. We're a registered charity with zero overhead, no director salary
  • Support education and medical care for needy children and families
  • Improve your photo skills
  • Immerse yourself in another culture
  • Spend time with the people you’re helping
  • See famous Pushkar in a way that no one else will


My name is Brett. I'm the founder/director of Vikas Project, and in my previous life I was a longtime professional photographer. I'm a well-known photographer of India, and the most experienced photographer of Pushkar in the world, whatever that’s worth, haha! Pushkar is an amazing photo destination, made famous by the annual camel fair in November. Our photo workshops provide a unique opportunity to support our work while improving your photo skills, and having a memorable cultural experience, while developing a relationship with the people you’re actually helping.

What You’ll Learn

Composition, light, aperture and shutter, capturing moments, choosing keepers, editing in Lightroom and Photoshop, creating a portfolio.

Where You’ll Go

Pushkar city, surrounding villages, tent camps, mountainous areas, standout temples and other destinations. Tailored to your interests, Pushkar has a little bit of everything.


Wait! Are you really sure you want to see photographs of Pushkar before you arrive. Some people prefer for it to be a total surprise. In any case rest assured Pushkar is an awesome place for photos – landscapes, people, culture, monkeys, temples, old weathered buildings, whatever your interest there’s plenty to photograph here. All photographs are by myself, your guide. I’ve spent four years in Pushkar, and in years past I explored every village and temple and site of interest within 20 kilometers of the city, logging more than 10,000 km by motorcycle. If you’re sure you really want to see photos continue.

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Tour Details & Costs

All tours are three days, from 6am to 10pm each day, and include instruction, lunch, and local transportation. We shoot in the morning, meet families and eat midday, shooting in the afternoon and early evening, and do post-processing in Lightroom and Photoshop at night.

Cost is a $1,000 donation per person, 100% of which goes directly to our education and medical program costs. We’re a registered NGO in Pushkar. With your donation you will be covering 5% of our annual costs for all of our education, medical, housing, art and disability assistance programs.

Tour Dates & Itineraries

Tours last three days, with full guiding from 6am till 10pm each day. I don’t mess around! I take your experience seriously

Camel Fair, Fall Weather

November 10-13, 2018

5 Spaces Only / Make a Reservation

One of the nicest times of the year, great weather, no rain, and the famous Pushkar camel fair. See the camel fair from an inside perspective, and then go far beyond the camel fair to meet the families we serve and see Pushkar

Day 1
March 2019


Contact director Brett Cole directly at to discuss your registration, have your questions answered personally, and book your spot.


Why Have Tours?

1. Our programs are expensive and we need money to continue our work. We have a school that operates six days a week and the children depend on us. We have a very active medical program (download details) that takes a lot of money to run. We have housing and art and disability assistance programs that all need funding to continue.

2. Pushkar is an awesome, famous destination for photography

3. I’m the director of Vikas Project, and I happen to be a long-time professional photographer with a huge amount of experience in Pushkar.

Put it all together and it’s a natural combination. You get a unique and unforgettable experience while improving your photo skills, and all of your fee for the tour goes to help us continue our charitable work.

What About Lodging?

Pushkar has a huge number of hotels at every price point. A typical nice hotel room is about $40 US per night. There are many budget options for about $15 per night, not fancy but still clean and welcoming. I will help you per-arrange a hotel that fits your needs. Pushkar is a small town, and it’s not complicated.

How Can I Be Sure How my Donation Will be Used?

We are a registered NGO and we’re very well-known and highly regarded in Pushkar. I am the founder and director, and you’ll be working directly with me. You’ll meet our teachers and the families that we work with. As the director my salary is zero and always has been, and we have no overhead or significant administrative costs. We work tirelessly out of an altruistic spirit.

How and When do I Pay?

Payment is due on the first day of your tour, in either your native currency (large bills) or Indian Rupees. Foreign currency can easily and safely be converted at many local merchants.

Other Questions?

Write me directly at Tours are small, intimate affairs limited to five people. As such you should contact me directly prior to registering to get any questions you have answered, and so that we can meet each other, albeit remotely.

Thank you!

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