Save & Share Favorite Artworks

You can bookmark and save artworks that you're interested in by creating "lightboxes." Simply click on the small black checkmark or the "Add to Lightbox" button next to any artwork. Click on "Your Lightboxes" below to view or manage your lightboxes at any time. We have hundreds of wonderful artworks on our site, and using lightboxes will greatly enhance your enjoyment of our art program.


You can create a temporary lightbox without registering. To save lightboxes from one visit to the next create an account here on our site. Registering allows you to save lightboxes and send them to colleagues. Registration is through PhotoDeck, the service that drives our galleries. You're not signing up for the PhotoDeck service, no credit card, address, or phone number is required, and you won't leave our site during registration. Thanks to PhotoDeck for generously donating their services to our project.


Contact if you need any assistance using lightboxes.